how go works

How GO Works

The fastest, cheapest, easiest alternative to traditional car ownership

Your car is just 4 simple steps away

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Select your car

Choose from the most popular models, trims, and colors

All vehicles come in a mid-trim level with the most popular features and packages (no base models!). From the vehicle page, you can view photos, features and highlights, as well as a complete window sticker so you know exactly what you'll receive. Then, simply select your color combination and how many miles you need (10k, 12k, 15k per year).

Submit your application

You let us know a little about yourself, we run a couple of checks

Fill out some basic information, upload a photo of your driver’s license and send us a selfie. Absolutely all your personal information is kept safe, secure, and will never be sold.

We check things like credit score and driving record. It’s completely painless and takes just a couple minutes.

Upload proof of insurance

You can add your GO vehicle to your current auto insurance policy as long as minimum coverage limits are met (50/100/50 or 100/300/100 depending on the vehicle) including uninsured motorist coverage, with a maximum deductible of $500.

Schedule pickup or delivery

Grab your keys and be on your way

Schedule pickup at one of our convenient locations. We can also deliver to your home for an additional charge.

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