Frequently Asked Questions

About GO

This seems too good to be true — what's the catch?

We get it — things rarely are both simpler and more affordable. There’s no catch, just a more efficient business model. By removing all of the things about car shopping that traditionally add cost with no value, we are able to offer lower monthly prices and a far better experience.

  • Browse and order online instead of driving around from one location to the next.
  • Get it delivered, usually for free, instead of picking up at a lot.
  • Select from the most popular trim configuration per model, instead of being overwhelmed with small variations from one package to the next.
  • Apply online in minutes, with just your driver’s license and some basic information, instead of filling out hours of paperwork.

It’s cheaper because it’s easier.

Who is GO for?
GO is best for those who are looking to get the best possible car for their monthly budget and plan to keep it up to 3 years. Traditional vehicle financing typically requires a large down payment and other upfront fees. There is no down payment with a GO subscription. The average auto loan now extends to nearly 70 months, resulting in many consumers being underwater on their vehicle and owing more than it is worth. GO removes the burden of ownership with a simpler and cheaper way to get a car.
Where is GO available?
Atlanta, Charlotte, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Miami-Ft. Lauderdale, Northern New Jersey, Orlando, and Philadelphia. Additional markets coming soon.
Do you have a showroom?
GO is a fully digital with no physical brick and mortar locations. Order online and have your car delivered to your home. Not having expensive showrooms and traditional brick and mortar is one of the ways we save you money.

Popular Questions

Is there a down payment?
There is no traditional down payment. That appealing payment you see advertised elsewhere typically includes $3,000-$4,000 down plus additional costs and fees. With GO, get your next car without shelling out $1000s upfront.
What is included in my monthly payment?
Your total monthly payment includes everything but gas (or electricity). Car + insurance coverage + monthly tax. That’s it. Your exact charges will be shown prior to submitting your payment and confirming your subscription.

Here is an itemized list of all charges you will see in your total monthly payment:

Vehicle: Base payment for the vehicle you are subscribing to.

Tax: Paid monthly, based on the tax rate in your zip code.

Insurance: If you use our policy, your monthly price of coverage is based on your age, driving record, location and a couple other factors. Most customers see prices at or below their personal auto policy.

How much is insurance?

What if I change my mind after I subscribe?
You can cancel your subscription for a full refund within 72 hours of confirming your subscription, as long as your delivery time is not within 24 hours. If you cancel after 72 hours from confirming your subscription, or within 24 hours of your delivery time, no refund will be given, and you will forfeit your first month’s subscription payment (including tax and insurance).
When do I have to pay my first payment?
If the vehicle you are interested in is in stock for immediate delivery or scheduled to be in within 45 days, you will pay your first subscription payment upfront along with taxes, insurance and other fees.

If the vehicle you are interested in will not be available for more than 45 days, you can reserve it with a $250 deposit. This deposit will be applied to your total first month’s costs and any remaining amounts due will be charged to the payment method associated with your account 3-7 days prior to your delivery date.

How much is tax?
Tax is paid monthly and is based on local tax rates in your zip code. For example, if the local total tax rate is 6% and your monthly subscription payment is $349, monthly tax is $20.94.
Is transacting with GO secure?
We take security and your data seriously. Our entire website is secured to ensure that all data transmitted from your browser to our servers is encrypted and secure from inception. We use leading tools to continually monitor our tech for hacking and emerging threats and we work with world-class cyber security companies to ensure that our approach to security is modern and continually updated.
Can I return my car early or switch cars?

If you frequently swap cars or only need one for a few months, GO is not your best option. But if you want to get a better car for your budget and refresh it every 3 years, this was built for you. To refresh your car every 3 years, there is zero additional cost.

But if life changes and you need to return the car sooner, simply provide 30 days’ notice and pay a $495 Restocking Fee. That fee is waived if you keep it for the maximum period of 3 years. A $1,500 Vehicle Activation Payment applies to each subscription but is waived for first-time customers and waived again every 3 years. To change cars prior to 3 years, pay the Restocking Fee and the Vehicle Activation Payment on the next subscription.

Where is delivery free?
Your vehicle will be delivered to your home free of charge if you live within 50 miles of the major airport in your area. Please see the list of airports below. If you live outside a 50-mile radius from these airports, there will be a fee for delivery. At this time, vehicles cannot be picked up.

• Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport
• Charlotte Douglas International Airport
• Dallas Fort Worth International Airport
• Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport
• Miami International Airport
• Newark Liberty International Airport
• Orlando International Airport
• Philadelphia International Airport

Is Roadside Assistance included?
Most cars automatically come with standard roadside assistance includes towing, battery jump start, flat tire change or inflation, gas delivery (varies by make) and lock-out service. Roadside assistance is available 24/7.
Roadside Assistance phone numbers
To reach Roadside Assistance, call the number for the brand of vehicle you are subscribing:

BMW (800) 332-4269
Chrysler (800) 521-2779
Ford (800) 241-3673
Jeep (800) 521-2779
Mazda (800) 866-1998
Nissan (800) 801-6161
VW (800) 411-6688
Chevrolet (800) 243-8872
Dodge (800) 521-2779
Hyundai (800) 243-7766
Kia (800) 333-4548
Mercedes-Benz (800) 367-6372
Toyota (800) 444-4195

How are the comparative price savings determined?
GO’s advanced pricing engine regularly scours the internet to build a database of advertised monthly payments assuming zero down. Those all-in prices are then compared against GO’s monthly payments for an equally-equipped vehicle at 10,000 miles per year. There’s never a down payment on a GO subscription.
Why do I have to reserve far in advance?
Due to inventory levels and customer demand for GO, our car subscriptions typically sell out in advance. To ensure you get your car by the date you need it, we recommend reserving in advance.

To reserve your car, submit an application securely on our website. All we need is your driver’s license and some basic information. We then do a driving record evaluations and perform a soft credit check that does not impact your score. The application takes 3-4 minutes.

What if I change my mind after receiving the vehicle?
No problem. Since this may be your first time getting a vehicle online, we want you to have total peace of mind. Take up to 3 days or 100 miles to make sure it’s right for you. If it’s not, we’ll take it back, and provide you a full refund. Learn more about our Peace of Mind Guarantee.
What's the difference between a down payment and a deposit?
A down payment that is typically part of traditional car financing is not refundable. It is designed to reduce the capitalized cost in order to lower the monthly payment. GO’s monthly payments are already low even with zero down payment.
To reserve your car in advance, pay a $250 deposit that is applied toward your first month’s payment.
In most cases, there is no security deposit. In some cases, depending on the evaluation process, customers may need to leave a security deposit. This security deposit is refundable as long as the vehicle is returned without damage, unpaid charges, mileage overage, or excess wear and tear.

The Cars

Which types of vehicles does GO offer?
Sedans, SUVs, Crossovers, Pickups and Minivans.
Are vehicles new or used?
All GO vehicles are brand new when we acquire them and are offered to customers in the same condition in which we received them (i.e. “new to you”). You are the first customer to drive it. The vehicles we offer are not demos, former daily rental, reconditioned or previously driven by a customer.
How long can I keep the car?
Up to 3 years.
How many miles can I drive?
You can select mile allocations of 833, 1,000 and 1,250 per month. The price will vary based on the number of miles selected.
What if I go over the mile allowance?
The mileage overage cost is $0.25 per mile. Unused miles roll over to the next month. You can also upgrade your monthly mile allowance if you find you are driving more than anticipated.

Email to request one of the available monthly mileage allowance upgrades (1,000 or 1,250). Our team will quote you your new monthly payment including insurance and confirm your selection. You can upgrade mileage tiers more than once but once an upgrade is made, downgrades back to a previous tier are unavailable.

Are unused miles rolled over to the next month?
How do I receive my car?
As long as you live within 50 miles of the major airport in the markets we serve, your car will be delivered to your home at no charge. If you live outside of that zone, we can deliver the car to you for an additional charge.
Can I select specific options and customize the vehicle?
No, but that’s part of how we save you money. GO only offers the most popular models in the highest demand colors and configurations. No base models. All models come in a mid-level trim package. Sorry, no yellow cars, no suede headliners and certainly no spoilers!
How many keys do I get?
You will receive one key. GO maintains the other key it order make the process of retrieving a vehicle easier and cheaper. This is another way how GO saves you money.

Account Management

When is my first payment due?
Your first payment is due when you place your order. All future payments are automatically charged on the same day of the month as your first payment. In the event your payment date falls on a holiday or a weekend, your payment may be charged a day or two ahead of time.
What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards as well as ACH through a checking or savings account.
Can I change my payment method?
Yes, it can be updated in your online account.
How much is the late payment charge?
Any late or returned payment will be assessed a $25 fee

Maintenance & Warranty

Is maintenance included?
Yes, scheduled maintenance is included in your total monthly payment.
Which service and maintenance events are included, and which are not?
GO includes all preventative maintenance on its subscriptions, as well as certain maintenance-related items that can wear down through normal usage. We closely follow the manufacturer preventative maintenance schedules. A preventative maintenance schedule is a planned calendar of regularly performed maintenance on a vehicle or piece of equipment as suggested by the original vehicle manufacturer (OEM). Common items that are included in these schedules are:

• Oil & filter changes
• Tire rotations
• Inspections of fluids
• Inspections of certain mechanical items

Additional items that may be covered if the required replacement is a result of normal wear and tear are:

• Brake pads
• Tires

Services that are not covered under GO’s maintenance inclusion are:

• Light bulbs
• Windshield wiper blades
• Alignments due to external forces (curbing a tire, for instance)
• Damage to tires/wheels (no pothole or nail coverage)
• Excessive wear on tires & brakes (they are meant to last at least 30k – 40k miles)
• Interior/exterior damage to the vehicle

How do I schedule maintenance?
You will be notified when routine maintenance is due, either by GO or via an in-car notification. You can schedule the routine maintenance appointment at a local authorized partner.
Is my car under warranty?
Yes, all cars include free factory warranty. If your car has an issue, we can help you schedule an appointment with one of our authorized service and repair partners.


Why do you need my license?
GO validates identity and eligibility based on a Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) that is run using your driver’s license information.
Will the monthly subscription price be affected by my credit score?
For all customers who pass the soft credit assessment, the monthly price will not be affected.
What documents do I need to provide?
At the time of application, you will need to provide a copy of your valid U.S. Driver’s License.

In some instances, you may also be asked to provide Proof of Income (two most recent pay stubs) or Proof of Residence (a utility bill in your name with your home address and dated within the last 30 days). We will contact you directly when additional items are required.

Do you run my credit?
GO will run a soft credit check but it will not impact your credit score.
Can I use a co-signer?
Co-signers are not accepted. Every subscriber must meet the eligibility requirements in order to subscribe with GO.
Can anyone else drive my subscribed vehicle?
Yes, as long as they are added to your subscription and meet the same eligibility requirements. There is a one-time $25 charge for us to perform a driving record evaluation on them. We will need a photo of the front and back of their driver’s license.
What are the eligibility requirements?
  • Minimum credit score: In the 600s or higher
  • Minimum age: 25
  • Valid driver’s license in the state where you live
  • Generally clean driving record
  • No rideshare or car share

In most cases, there is no security deposit. In some cases, depending on the evaluation process, customers may need to leave a security deposit. This security deposit is refundable as long as the vehicle is returned without damage, unpaid charges, mileage overage, or excess wear and tear.

Insurance, Accidents & Tolls

How does insurance work?

Coverage is included in your total monthly payment but the associated cost to add you to our policy will be determined by factors unique to you, such as your driving record. The policy offers full coverage with limits of $50,000/$100,000/$50,000 and a $1,000 deductible. You can find more information regarding insurance in the Terms and Conditions.

How much is insurance?

Can I add this car to my current insurance policy?

In most cases, no. To ensure you are properly covered driving your subscribed vehicle, customers get insured through our policy with a top-tier insurance provider.

Insurance pricing is typically at or below most personal auto policies and is based on your individual factors. After we evaluate your driving record in your application, you will get your specific insurance price.

Customers in Florida have the option to be insured through GO’s master insurance policy or use their current personal auto policy. You must list GO as both additional insured and loss payee. Contact us to learn how to set this up. You will not be able to get your vehicle delivered to you until we have received a copy of the declarations page from your insurance provider.

You can review insurance details here.

How much is insurance?

What happens if my vehicle is in an accident?
If you find yourself in an accident, the first thing you should do is call 911. Once you’re safe, be sure to call us. Take pictures of any damage and of the scene of the accident.
What happens if my vehicle is damaged or has wear and tear?

You are responsible for your vehicle and ensuring it remains in great condition. If a vehicle is returned with damage or excess wear and tear, you will be charged. Please reference the following page to learn more about normal versus excess wear and tear:

What happens if my vehicle is stolen?
Please contact us immediately after you report the vehicle stolen. We will provide you with a loaner vehicle until yours is located or replaced.
What happens if I get a ticket or toll?
You are responsible for any tickets and/or tolls received while the vehicle in your possession. If the ticket/toll is not paid, you will be billed for the ticket/toll plus a $7.95 processing fee.
What happens if my vehicle is towed?
You are responsible for paying any fines and retrieving the vehicle.

General Information

Can I eventually buy the car?
Yes, but unlike a lease, there’s no residual value set on the vehicle at the start of your subscription. The price of the vehicle will be determined based on market pricing at that time.
Can I leave the country with my vehicle?
Is GO selling new vehicles?
No, GO purchases brand-new vehicles for our fleet and allows you access to that vehicle through a subscription. As GO is not a franchise dealer, we do not have the ability to sell or lease new vehicles.
Can I smoke in the vehicle?
No. The scent of smoke reduces the value of the car which means we ultimately will have to raise our pricing which hurts everyone. Please be nice and don’t smoke or you will be charged a cleaning fee.
Can others drive the car?
Yes, anyone who lives in your household who also meets the eligibility requirements can drive the car. But you are required to add additional drivers during the signup process. There is a one-time processing fee of $25 per additional driver.
Can my dog ride in the vehicle?
Yes, pets are allowed in the vehicles, but they must be in a carrier. Plus, it’s safer.
Can I tint the windows or alter the car in any way?
No, sorry. We’re happy with the current level of window tint and it needs to stay that way.
Do I need to get the car registered?
No, all cars are registered to GO so you don’t have to deal with it!
Can I register the car in my company's name?
No, all GO vehicles are titled and registered to GO, rather than to customers. This allows you to avoid the hassle and expense of titling and registering your vehicle.
Do you accept trade-ins or purchase customer vehicles?
While we don’t buy cars from our customers, we have partners who are interested in buying your car. We will facilitate that process for you so make selling your current vehicle a seamless process. Contact us to learn more.
Do you have a referral program?
Yes we do! A most generous program where you can refer a friend and each of you get $250. When your friend orders a car and uses your code, we’ll send you $250. There’s no cap. So if you refer 10 friends, you’ll get $2,500. See all the details on our
Referral Program page.

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