Wear and Tear Guidelines


Your allowable mileage was determined at the beginning of the subscription. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions agreement to confirm the maximum number of miles you may drive. If the mileage on the vehicle exceeds your allowable mileage, you will be charged a per-mile fee in accordance with your that agreement.


Normal wear can include a few small door dings, chips or scratches and is not charged to you. These are expected from the normal use of a vehicle. Excess wear may include items such as dents, cracks in glass, tears in the upholstery or poor quality repairs. These are not expected from the normal use of a vehicle and they may warrant charges. Please refer to the detailed information below.


Tire tread must be 4/32” or greater. Use a penny to determine if the tire tread meets our requirements by placing the coin upside-down in the lowest tread on the tire. If the tread passes Lincoln’s face, the tread should be acceptable.


Two scratches that are less than 3” on a wheel may be considered normal, however any scratches 3” or greater would be considered excessive.

Minor Scratches

A few small scratches are normal and acceptable on a used vehicle. These can usually be buffed out easily during a routine vehicle reconditioning.

Excess Scratches

Multiple scratches or scratches that break the paint are much more difficult and costly to repair. This would be considered excess wear and you may be charged for the damages.

Excess Wear and Tear

Please refer to the detailed information below to determine if your vehicle has excess wear.


Normal versus Excess Wear and Tear



Normal: Removable spots/marks

Excess: Stains that cannot be removed and require the interior section to be replaced


Normal: Cuts, tears, and/or rips on floor mats

Excess: Cuts, tears, and/or rips on carpet, upholstery, or interior


Normal: Burns on floor mats

Excess: Burns on carpet, upholstery, or interior sections

Power Equipment

Normal: N/A

Excess: Non-operational, malfunctioning equipment or missing equipment


Scratches and Scuffs

Normal: Scratches that do not break the paint that can be buffed out during vehicle reconditioning, or scratches that break the paint that are less than 4” in length (maximum of three per panel)

Excess: Scratches that break the paint that are 4” or more in length

Dents and Dings

Normal: Dents and dings that do not break the paint that are less than 2” in diameter (maximum of two per panel)

Excess: Dents and dings that do not break the paint of any size that occur more than three times on one panel, or any number of dents and/or dings that do not break the paint that are more than 2” in diameter


Normal: 10 or less chips measuring less than 1/8”

Excess: 11 or more chips measuring less than 1/8”

Rust and Corrosion

Normal: N/A

Excess: Any visible rust and/or corrosion


Glass and Lenses

Cracked, Chipped, Broken

Normal: One chip less than or equal to 1/4” in diameter, not in the drivers line of sight

Excess: Two or more chips less than or equal to 1/4” in diameter; any chips, crack, or scratches (not able to be buffed) greater than 1/4” in diameter; or any chips, scratches, and cracks in the drivers line of sight


Tires and Wheels


Normal: Tread depth 4/32” or greater, and all tires must meet Go’s and Manufacturer’s size and rating (speed and seasonal)

Excess: Tread depths less than 4/32”; tires that do not meet Go’s and Manufacturer’s standards for size and/or rating (speed and seasonal); mismatched tires (other than brand); or dry rot, cupped, cut, or sidewall plugs


Normal: Scratches, gouges, chips, or dents less than 3” per wheel (maximum of two per wheel)

Excess: Any bent or broken part, missing or corroded wheel covers; mismatched wheels; three or more scratches, gouges, or dents per wheel


Mechanical & Electrical

Mechanical & Electrical

Normal: N/A

Excess: Missing, non-operational, or malfunctioning equipment; replacement part(s) that do not meet go’s and Manufacturer’s specifications; substandard repairs

Vehicle Maintenance

Normal: Vehicle should be maintained according to Terms and Conditions as well as the specific vehicle maintenance requirements

Excess: Failure to replace maintenance items if they are dirty, low, worn, or not in working order


Missing & Broken Parts

Missing & Broken Parts

Normal: Vehicle should be returned with equipment and accessories that were in the vehicle at subscription start and must be in good working order

Excess: Missing equipment, broken parts, and accessories (i.e. owners manual, charging cables, keyfobs etc.)