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Peace of Mind Guarantee

Whether this is your first time getting a vehicle online, or you’re a pro at this, we want you to have total peace of mind. Take up to 3 days or 100 miles to make sure it’s right for you. If it’s not, we’ll take it back, and provide you a full refund

Our 3-Day Peace of Mind Guarantee begins the day you receive the vehicle, regardless of time of day. During that time, you can drive it up to 100 miles. To return or exchange your vehicle, you must let us know prior to 5 p.m. ET on the 3rd calendar day after receiving your vehicle. We will schedule a pickup for the vehicle on the first available date after we receive your notice.

Additional charges may apply and no refund of subscription fees will be given if the returned vehicle is:

  • damaged
  • in an accident
  • modified or altered from the condition it was delivered

You can exchange the vehicle for a different model but not for a different color in the same model.

Additionally, if you drive the vehicle over 100 miles, you will be charged $1.00 for each additional mile. If the vehicle doesn’t have any of the issues listed above, we will accept the return. Refunds are processed immediately but may take 7 – 10 days to show up in your account based on your bank.

The (not-so) fine print:

  • The 3-Day Peace of Mind Guarantee applies only to the initial reserved vehicle and does not apply to an exchanged vehicle.
  • Any changes in vehicle selection done prior to physical delivery will be deemed to have fulfilled the 3-Day Money Back Guarantee and – even if the vehicle you receive is the first one actually in your possession – no exchanges or returns for a refund will be accepted.
  • A pickup/swap transportation charge of $195 + tax applies to all returns and exchanges of delivered vehicles.

Why do we need fine print?

Well, unfortunately, some folks try to game the system which results in us losing too much money. The intent behind the 3-Day Peace of Mind Guarantee is to remove the uncertainties some feel about ordering a car online and allow for time to make sure it’s the right car. Preventing those with bad intentions from gaming the system ensures GO is a sustainable company that can save you time and money for decades to come.