About Go

Why we built this

Go is a simpler and cheaper alternative to traditional car ownership; an evolution of traditional auto finance.

Frustrated with the current car shopping experience, we built the company we wanted to be a customer of. We started by removing all the annoying things about car shopping that add cost with no value. No brick and mortar. No massive overhead. No long price negotiations. No catch. Then we incorporated a proprietary system that combines technology, data science and fleet management to increase efficiency and reduce cost.

The result: Get your next car in less time and for less money than you’ve ever experienced before.

Go is led by a group of former executives from marketing & advertising, automotive, car rental, dealers, and startups. The Go subscription is currently available in Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, and Florida. Additional states coming soon.

Better in every way


Simple 4-minute, fully-digital transaction.

Old way

4-hour frustrating process.

$0 down payment for everyone.
Shell out $1,000s for a down payment and other upfront fees.
Delivered to your home free of charge (within 50 miles).
Pick it up at the lot or pay $100s to have to have it delivered.
No worrying about resale value. Simply return it and get a new one.
Test drives, haggling, low-ball trade-in values, and you may owe more than it’s worth.
Go doesn’t report to the credit bureaus so your credit score won’t be impacted.
Traditional financing reports to the credit bureaus, which can ding your score.

Frequently asked questions

Who is Go for?
Go is best for those who are looking to get the best possible car for their monthly budget and plan to keep it up to 3 years. Traditional vehicle financing typically requires a large down payment and other upfront fees. There is no down payment with a Go subscription. The average auto loan now extends to nearly 70 months, resulting in many consumers being underwater on their vehicle and owing more than it is worth. Go removes the burden of ownership with a simpler and cheaper way to get a car.
What's the catch? How is it cheaper?

There’s no catch. By removing all of the annoying things about car shopping that add cost with no value, we are able to offer lower monthly prices and a far better experience.

Order your car online instead of going to a showroom.

Get it delivered, usually for free, instead of picking up at a lot.

Select from the most popular trim configuration per model, instead of being overwhelmed with small variations from one package to the next.

Apply online in minutes, with just your driver’s license and some basic information, instead of filling out hours of paperwork.

It’s cheaper because it’s easier.

Is there a down payment?
There is no traditional down payment or cap cost reduction.
Are the cars new or used?
All Go vehicles are brand new when we acquire them and are offered for subscription to our customers in the same condition in which we received them (i.e. “new to you”). You are the first customer to drive it.
Where is Go available?
Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey and Florida. Additional states coming soon.
Can I return my car early or switch cars?
You can return your car anytime with 30 days’ notice. A restocking fee of $495 will apply. That fee is waived if you keep your car for the maximum period of up to 3 years.

If you would like to switch cars, the Restocking fee will apply and the $1500 Vehicle Activation payment on the next subscription cannot be waived. But please note that if you desire to frequently switch cars, there are better options for you than Go. If you just want to refresh your car every 3 years, there is zero additional cost.

Can I use my current insurance policy?

In most cases, no. To ensure that you have the appropriate level of coverage, and because you’re not required to register the vehicle in your name, subscribers receive insurance coverage by being added as an additional insured to Go’s master insurance policy.

In some states, subscribers will have the option to either be added to Go’s master policy or to obtain their own personal auto policy because of varying requirements. If you are located in one of these states and you opt to get a separate policy, there are different coverage requirements, and you must list Go as both additional insured and loss payee. You will not be able to get your vehicle delivered to you until we have received a copy of the declarations page from your insurance provider.

For more information visit our Terms and Conditions or the Insurance page.